BIBLETEXT.COM (BETA) is a free application that allows you to read and study the bible like never before.

Welcome to Bible Text. The world's first Social Bible that allows you to experience the Bible in a whole new way. Read through and search the entire Old and New testaments of the King James Version of the Bible and share your thoughts with others via Facebook (more versions coming soon). With complete Facebook integration you can to take advantage of all of the features Facebook has to offer plus the ones listed below. We will be moving all of the features from the old site to this new site shortly.

Read the Bible

Reading the Bible is simple and easy with The Social Bible. Once you're done with the days reading, your last location is automatically saved for your next visit. With our very intuitive interface you can Browse around the book or navigate page by page. With font controls and Full Screen mode you will be able to read the book through our interface very comfortably.

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Bible Study

The Social Bible allows you to setup new Bible study topics or you can join your friends Bible Studies. Study groups have never been easier online. Create your group, select the verses you want to cover in the topic and click create. You can then share or invite your friends to join. Everyone can make comments and enjoy the experience of studying the Old and New Testaments.

Sharing the Bible

Bible Text has complete Facebook integration throughout. Have you ever come across a passage in the Bible that has moved you in such a way that you have always wanted to share it? Well now you have the capability to share these instantly with friends and family with just a simple click of a button. We bring a new experience through one seamless program interface and ease of use.


The favorites feature is a very unique to The Social Bible. When you come across something that makes you want to save it just click the star next to the verses you want to keep. These Bible favorites will always be available to you. You have full administration rights so you can delete them anytime you wish. Additionally we have a list of the top 50 favorite verses world-wide for your enjoyment. This list is compiled from all the verses that the users have favorited within the application.


Have you ever wanted to know something about a famous Bible story or a topic but really didn't know where to look. We have a large compilation of over 100 stories and topics. With one click access, you can start enjoying these bountiful stories. We have all of the topics categorized for easy reference. Categories like the Old Testament, New Testament, Jesus Christ, Miracles of Jesus and Parables of Jesus. We will be continually adding to the collection of stories and topics. Finding what you want to know is a snap.


With the latest contextual search technology you can powerfully search the Bible. The information that is returned from your search is completely weighted for relevance. You are able to search through the Old Testament, the New Testament or both by selecting what you want to do. It is very fast and is always a fun way to explore the Bible.